Wednesday, 21 September 2016

What makes Ice melt faster?

Today Room 11 did an ice experiment to see what caused ice to melt the fastest. We used hot water, vinegar, baking soda, sugar and salt. What do you think melted the fastest? The ice that Miss Ramsay poured hot water over melted the fastest and then the one with vinegar. The salt and the sugar stuck to the ice and melted it a little bit but it was a lot slower. The baking soda seemed to slow down the melting of the ice and it only melted a tiny bit. Have a look at the photos below or come and ask us about it - Room 11

The Vinegar 

The Sugar

The Salt

The hot water


  1. I think the salt melted the ice.I don't know what actually melted the ice but i think the salt.What do you think room 11?

  2. We think that the hot water melted the ice the fastest and the salty ice melted the slowest because it lowers the ices melting point this. Tactic is used in slushy squeeze cup.

  3. The ice experiment must have been very interesting to watch and do. Why do you think the ice melted fastest with the hot water? The ice must have been freezing when you put it in the bowls! How long did it take for the salt to melt the ice?
    By Blake and Brayden Rm3 and Rm15


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