Friday, 27 May 2016

A Windy Day!!

Room 11 had lots of fun this week reading our big book "A Windy Day!" It's all about a King who looses his crown when the wind blows it away. He also lost his coat!! We drew pictures of the King with his new crown and new outfit and wrote a description to go with it. We also got to make crowns so we could be Kings and Queens for the day. Have a look at our crowns below! 


  1. Wow Room 11! It looks like you had fun making crowns! They are all very colourful. I think all of you are very arty. I think you would be great kings and queens for a day!!!

  2. How cool guys! I hope you have made great kings and queens! I remember making crowns in my first year of school with was 6 years ago.

  3. All hail Room 11! You guys look so majestic in your crowns! But be careful on a windy day so your crowns don't get blown away like the King from the book's crown did!


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