Friday, 29 July 2016

The seven sisters of Matariki - By Ruby

Once there lived a boy called Mitai he had seven brother and also he had a grandpa. His grandpa taught him lots of magic. Then one stormy night Mitai and his brothers went hunting, they heard some lovely singing. So they went up a hill and saw seven beautiful sisters and Mitai's brothers fell in love with the seven sisters but Mitai didn't. So Mitai decided to go for a little walk but then he felt a bit bored so he spied on the seven sisters. He heard them say they might kill him! Mitai wasn't that sure because he didn't hear very well but he ws sure he was right. He rushed to his brothers and told them about the seven sisters. After that Mitai told his brothers his plan and then his grandpa weaved up some magical nets so they could catch the mean women. And they did! But...they tried to get out so Mitai turned himself into a bird and threw them away high up in the sky! So now the seven sisters show their beautiful light once a year. 

By Ruby 

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  1. That is a very long story for your age. Well done! I liked how you used lots of adjectives and adverbs. Keep up the good work!
    Robert and Ethan


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