Friday, 18 March 2016

Recount Writing - Our Awesome Museum Trip - By Ruby

Recount Writing - Room 11 have learning how to write a recount. We worked really hard to make sure we included a title, orientation, sequence of events and a personal comment. We needed to use time connectives like first, then and next. See if you can find the ones Ruby used. We also tried hard to make it interesting. 

Our Awesome Museum Trip!

On Tuesday Room 11 and Room 24 went to the museum to learn about insects. In my team there was my mum, Ethan and Danielle. First of all we had our yummy morning tea. Next we got to have a look around the museum. We saw a huge shark and I saw a penguin! We had a photo with Miss Ramsay's group. My favourite thing was looking at all the clothes. Then it was lunch time. Lunch was delicious. Finally it was our turn to go to the weird and wonderful to learn about insects. I learnt about a dung beetle and how they put poo underground. I looked in the microscope too. I want to go there again. 
By Ruby 



  1. Emily (Ruby's sister)18 March 2016 at 19:55

    Well done Ruby! I bet when I was your age I couldn't write that well.You must feel so proud.

  2. Wow I think that was a lot writing for someone your age! I wish I could go to the museum sometime soon.

    By Blake (Rm3) and Brayden (Rm15)

  3. Amazing piece of writing Ruby, very interesting because you made the penguin sound that it was real. Was the shark a real shark?


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