Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Our Star Writers!!!

Felicia, Ruby and Harry took their fabulous writing to show Mrs Yates. They worked hard to check their full stops and capitals and check that it made sense. Ruby even used some describing words to make it more interesting!! Well done and keep up the hard work!!


  1. Anna, Ruby's mum2 March 2016 at 16:41

    Well done Felicia, Ruby and Harry! It is nice to be able to share your good work, and Mrs Yates always has great stickers too!

  2. Hi Room 11

    I can see you put some good effort in to your work.Well Done.

  3. I love how you are looking for full stops and capital letters. This is great. I wish Room 3 would be this good. Perhaps you can come over to Room 3 and help us. Miss J.

  4. Well done Harry for giving lots of effort in to your work. I like how you are always checking your work. Room 15 also can check their work too, keep up the amazing work Harry.

  5. Great job Felicia, Ruby and Harry. I like how you all used puntuaction and describing words to make your writing sound interesting. Mrs Yates was so lucky to read your writing!

    From Michelle, Ruby Lee and Tiffany

  6. Great job Felicia, Ruby and Harry. I like how you guys all added punctuation and put in lots of describing words to make your writing sound interesting and amazing. You guys were also super lucky to show Mrs Yates your spectacular work.


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