Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Summer Beach Art

Have a look at our Summer Beach Art Below...

First of all we painted our background to look like the sea. We had to mix the dark blue, light blue and white paint together to get a mix of colours. Next we used pastels to colour in our jandals - we had to choose bright, vibrant colours. Once our sea was dry we painted the white waves. After that we had to glue the sand on the bottom....this was really mucky and took a long time!!! Last of all we glued on our jandals and our shells. 

Don't you think they look great!?

In writing time we brainstormed ideas about what summer was....what did we do? What did we see and hear? We wrote sentences together to represent what summer was to us as a class. 


  1. Wow R11 you have very artistic children in your class learning about backgrounds, foregrounds and planning a composition. I can't wait to come and visit! Mrs Trembath

  2. Anna, Ruby's mum10 March 2016 at 10:28

    Hi Room 11, your artwork looks very colourful and creative. Great work! I also love the descriptions of what summer is. I hope we keep having sunny days so we can continue to enjoy those things!

  3. I love your art work, Room 11. It will look lovely on your wall at home.


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